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Giant’s Causeway (Day 3)

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Our last day in Dublin, so what do we do? Hop on a bus and head north!  But first, let me back up. While trip planning, we saw countless people suggesting Dublin didn’t need more than a day or two. Even when we shared our rough itinerary, including three nights in Dublin, people tried to change our minds. This did ultimately sway us and we wound up deciding to use Dublin as a “base” for two day […]

Beautiful Glendalough (Day 2)

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Ireland / Personal / Travel

Day two. What an amazing first day we had in Dublin! Despite our lack of sleep, we powered through a full day of sight seeing and had a great time exploring the city. Our second day started with an early rise. With a short walk from our hotel, we arrived at the Tourism Centre somewhere around a quarter til nine, just on time for our Wicklow Mountain/Glendalough day tour. We originally booked with Frank at Wild Mountain […]

Getting to Dublin (Day 1)

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Flying over Ireland

After months and months of waiting, the day had finally arrived. We were off to the airport with the hope our flight would leave on time from St. Louis at 12:20pm. Unfortunately, it did not. I don’t even remember what time the flight wound up departing the St. Louis airport, but it was late enough to have foiled our plans to eat dinner during our layover in Newark. We were hoping if we ate at the airport, we could sleep though […]

Our Ireland Itinerary

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Ireland / Personal / Travel

I had such a great time planning our trip but it was incredibly difficult figuring out how to narrow down what we wanted to see and do. Is that too much to drive in one day? Is that place worth seeing? How do we go see X if it’s on the opposite side of the country as Y? Then of course, I felt like I had to do my due diligence of sorting through threads upon threads of advice […]

New Work: #DessertFirst

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Design / Inspiration / Latest Work

For too long desserts have been in last place. Always served behind the veggies, the casseroles and the turkey. But why? Everyone knows that holiday flavors taste best in cakes, pies, cookies, breads and bars. That’s why this holiday season we’re changing the rules. We’ll eat our pumpkin pie before our green beans and our sugar cookies before our stuffing. Through dessert-centric messaging straight from the mouths of sweet-toothed enthusiasts everywhere, we’ll start a delicious […]

Self Betterment

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Fitness / Personal

A huge goal of mine this year has been self betterment. Emotionally, mentally and physically. Basically, I want to better nurture the quality relationships in my life, grow new ones and take better care of myself in all ways. The most challenging of the three is definitely health. My biggest hurdle has always been making better choices nutritionally and maintaining an exercise routine. Over the past few years I’ve slowly crept up in weight and hit my personal […]

Be(er) Responsible

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Next time you go out, be sure to make a plan to get home safely. Your friends are counting on you. Enjoy Budweiser responsibly. #FriendsAreWaiting I’m so happy and proud to share this wonderful spot made possible by a great group of people my husband and I have the the pleasure of working with everyday. The work has been featured all over the place… Adweek, Ad Age, CNN, Mashable, Buzzfeed, HuffPo, LA Times, The Today Show […]

Of a Lass That is Gone

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Outlander on Starz

So it’s been a little while since I’ve been able to sit down and write. There have just been three jillion other things occupying my mind as of late. I do have a handful of half-finished posts though, so I guess that’s something! Right? Anyway, I’m just popping on to rave a little bit about my favorite book series turned television show, Outlander. I’ve never been much of a motivated reader… probably the same reason I’m not much […]


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Dingle Peninsula Ireland Sheep

Back in early 2013 I started working for someone with a serious passion for travel—It was infectious and inspiring. As someone who hasn’t seen much of the world, that wonderful thing called wanderlust developed almost immediately and I started day dreaming about where I would go if I could ever afford it. Unfortunately, trips to far away places had always seemed unattainable pre and post-college. Be it due to other expenses or securing the time off, it was […]