New Work: #DessertFirst

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For too long desserts have been in last place. Always served behind the veggies, the casseroles and the turkey. But why? Everyone knows that holiday flavors taste best in cakes, pies, cookies, breads and bars. That’s why this holiday season we’re changing the rules. We’ll eat our pumpkin pie before our green beans and our sugar cookies before our stuffing. Through dessert-centric messaging straight from the mouths of sweet-toothed enthusiasts everywhere, we’ll start a delicious new holiday trend — #DessertFirst

These typographic illustrations were early concept art/moodboards developed for a Baking Scale program. We presented these along with activation thought starters as one of three potential directions for the program. Enjoy!

JessicaWuller_DessertsFirst-1 JessicaWuller_DessertsFirst-2Dessert First

Want more? Check out the rest of my work on Behance.



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