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Dingle Peninsula Ireland Sheep

Back in early 2013 I started working for someone with a serious passion for travel—It was infectious and inspiring. As someone who hasn’t seen much of the world, that wonderful thing called wanderlust developed almost immediately and I started day dreaming about where I would go if I could ever afford it. Unfortunately, trips to far away places had always seemed unattainable pre and post-college. Be it due to other expenses or securing the time off, it was always something. But my husband and I were determined to find a way to make it happen… somehow. Shortly there after, I had an influx of freelance opportunities knocking on my door. All of this extra work suddenly? I like to think it was a sign! So, over the course of the next year I planned (Ryan just wanted to be along for the ride) what would be a trip to remember, my first and our first trip together overseas.

We decided we would take two weeks (taking full advantage of a newly earned and very generous PTO policy), spending most of our time in Ireland and a few nights in London. With it being my first international trip, I wanted to stick to english speaking countries so as to not overwhelm myself too much. So many people I know, lucky to travel to Ireland, have had nothing but amazingly wonderful reviews of their time there. London was Ryan’s request—he had always wanted to go and it was such an easy hop-skip-and-jump away that we figured, why not? So there it was, decision made. We were going to Ireland and London!

Over the next few months, I’ll be doing a series of posts detailing our planning, experiences and some reviews… stay tuned!

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