90 Days.

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Change. It keeps us agile. It forces us to stay at the top of our game. Without it, how do we keep from growing tired? As a young creative, the last thing any of us want, is to feel like we’ve stopped growing. Learning. Changing.

Last year, when I started consistently feeling disenchanted with my work, I knew it was time for a change. I talked to our Creative Director. My Co-workers. My friends and family. I voiced my opinons about how things were going at the agency and where I would like to see them headed. I found that the change I was looking for might not happen as quickly as I hoped. I figured I could take on more freelance, maybe work on some personal projects, just keep myself going on other things.

And just as I came to terms with it, I got an email from two different agencies. How often does that happen so closely together? Not very. Was the universe trying to tell me something? Or were it just a strange coincidence? Either way, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to chat… you know, hear them out. I wound up falling in love with the idea of one of them in particular. Interviewed a few times and was eventually hired.

I’ve now been here 90 days.

It’s funny how quickly you forget what starting a new job is like. There’s so much to learn. So much to absorb. I sort of love it. The past 90 days have been full of learning and most definitely growing. Going from a small branding agency to a huge global agency where I mostly focus on retail/shopper marketing is so incredibly different. And that’s what I love. My coworkers are absolutely wonderful and the variety of clients here will hopefully allow me to continue learning and growing as a designer for a long time.

Excited for the next 90 and beyond.



  1. I think change is always good, especially with creatives! I was trying to go to your etsy shop but couldn’t find the link…

    • Totally. I’m just trying to find some balance πŸ™‚ thanks for pointing out the link… I totally forgot to put an obvious one in there the, the image is linked and that’s it. Hah. Oops!

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